Friday, May 14, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles EXTEND-A-CLEAN Power Sprayer Review & Coupon Giveaway!

How many of you enjoy cleaning your showers everyday?  None?  I thought so.  Personally I want to go at least a few days (if not a week lol) between cleanings.  Perhaps that's lazy, but I have other things to clean and would really love to be able to put off cleaning the shower if possible...BUT who wants to bathe in a dirty shower? Yuck!

I think I have found a solution!!

Scrubbing Bubbles EXTEND-A-CLEAN Power Sprayer!  I was fortunately enough to be chosen by BzzAgent to do a review of this product and I was so excited!

Cleaning Part 1: Application
If you're used to having a pump spray this would be fantastic! We normally use the Scrubbing Bubbles Foaming Bathroom Cleaner, so this didn't seem much easier to apply, both are super easy :-D

Cleaning Part 2: Waiting
I didn't have to wait long at all.  I let it sit about 5 minutes but I don't even think that long was necessary.  One thing to note, it says to make sure the area is ventilated...they're not kidding.  Turn on the fart fan people, it is some seriously strong stuff.  It doesn't smell bad, just strong (and we have a fairly large bathroom).

Cleaning Part 3: Wipe Away
It's seriously just as easy as wiping everything down with a damp cloth or sponge.  No scrubbing at all! It took MAYBE 2 minutes to wipe and rinse everything and the shower looks brand new! SOOO EASY!

Want to know more?  Here's some info straight from the company:

  • The benefits of Scrubbing Bubbles® Extend-A-Clean™ Power Sprayer:
    • Active cleaners work overtime to keep your bathroom cleaner, longer
    • Invisible grime barrier is activated each time bathroom surfaces get wet, working for up to 4 days
    • Power Sprayer provides better coverage for easier cleaning
    • Makes bathroom cleaning simpler, easier and more manageable
Works on most bathroom surfaces, including tubs, showers, glazed ceramic tile, stainless steel, chrome fixtures, fiberglass, vinyl and glazed porcelain. Avoid prolonged contact with wood, aluminum and painted, lacquered or soft surfaces. DO NOT USE on gold plated fittings, semi-glazed and resurfaced enamel baths, natural marble, travertine or brass. 

The Scrubbing Bubbles® Extend-A-Clean™ formula leaves a layer of active cleaners so dirt and soap scum get washed away easily every time a surface gets wet. Plus, it keeps working for up to four days.

Back to me, want a coupon??

BzzAgent and Scrubbing Bubbles were nice enough to send me coupons to share with my friends which include my fabulous followers!  Instead of doing a standard giveaway I figured I'd just open this up to the first FIVE followers to comment that they want a coupon.  I have two different coupons:
  • $5 off a Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Starter (Extend-a-clean OR Daily Shower Cleaner)
  • $1 off any Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayer Refill

Simply follow me and say "Send me a coupon!" Then tell me which coupon you want. It's that easy!

**The coupons for this giveaway were provided at no cost by BzzAgent and Scrubbing Bubbles. BzzAgent provided the product for review but this was not a paid post. My honest opinions have been given, however others experiences and opinions may differ from my own**


Jen said...

I'm a follower! SEND ME A COUPON!! $5 off a scrubbing bubbles power sprayer starter.

We are getting new bathroom so this will really help out!!

Mamma Bear said...

Send me a coupon!! =)
$5 off the starter, please!
Little boys make dirty bathrooms...

Anna said...

Me Me ME!!! I'm a follower and I want the $5 coupon. :)

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Following you from Friendly Friday :-)

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Teresa @ ♥ TOO MANY HEARTBEATS ♥ said...

I would LOVE the first coupon if you still have one. I'm a new follower.

I'll list my info below! Thanks so much!

Teresa <><

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