Friday, May 14, 2010

Are you suffering from baby name regret?

Sounds funny huh?  Most people I talk to just simply can't imagine their kids being named anything else but their name, but apparently according to this article that I stumbled upon one in five parents regret what they named their kids!

The weird thing about the names (to me) is that they are "normal" names. I don't see anything wrong with them personally.  It's not like some names that I've come across that honestly look like someone just sat on a keyboard and decided that was a good name or pulled a TOTALLY random word out of the dictionary or Bible.  That's not saying that unique is bad.  Unique is great! But just remember to test the name first.  Pretend that child is an adult and read this like as if a newscaster were reporting on it: "Today the Vice President, [enter name here] gave an update of the status of..."

ANYWAY!  Want to see the list of top 10 most regretted names?

My husband and I are both on the list...and we're both #6.  Special huh?

Boys names parents most regret 

1. William
2. Oliver
3. Jack
4. Alfie
5. Thomas
6. Joshua
7. Daniel
8. Charlie
9. Harry
10. James

Girls names parents most regret

1. Chloe
2. Ruby
3. Olivia
4. Emily
5. Grace
6. Jessica
7. Charlotte
8. Evie
9. Sophie
10. Daisy