Friday, August 27, 2010

Bump 2 Baby Event

There's another Bump to Baby event with some AMAZING giveaways going on at J. leigh designz and Minnesota Mama Must Have's starting in September!

Go check out their pages to see some of the awesome prizes!  Personally, I REALLY want to win either or both of these:


I told you they had some awesome giveaways!  Head on over and check them out!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Free Pregnancy Planner!!

How great is this?  I just stumbled on this FREE Pregnancy Planner on the Healty Women site!  
Totally 100% free...even shipping!

So if you are pregnant, planning on becoming pregnant soon or know someone else who is pregnant and would like this go order one!

Description from the Healthy Woman site: 

If you are pregnant or planning to be the NEW HealthyWomen Pregnancy Planner is just right for you. Use its colorful, easy-to-read pages to help prepare you for each trimester and for when Baby comes home! The 48-page planner includes a 10-month calendar section to record checkups and other notes. Plus, order the Flu-Free and a Mom-to-Be card, offering easy-to-understand flu facts and prevention strategies.

Bump 2 Baby Event at Take time to smell the rose

Chari over at Take time to smell the rose is having an awesome event called Bump 2 Baby where she will have lots of giveaways, reviews and pregnancy/baby related blog posts until her newest little one makes its arrival in April!  It should be lots of fun!  Go over and check it out!

Friday, August 20, 2010

CSN Stores $60 Gift Certificate Winner!

The winner of the $60 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores is:

 Congratulations!!!  I'll be e-mailing you shortly!

If I don't hear from the winner within 48 hours I will redraw.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Poor Ginger ;)

Tonight we were all playing in David's room and Ginger decided to go get a toy.  As soon as she left the room David went and shut the door most of the way, but was peeking out the crack to see when she got back.  He opened the door just enough for her to start walking to the door, but every time she got close he shut the door right in her face!  He thought this was the best game ever!  Fortunately our dog is VERY good-natured and just went along with his little game ;)

Friday, August 13, 2010

$60 CSN Giveaway - CLOSED

As you all probably know by now I'm a HUGE fan of CSN Stores.  Their 200+ stores have just about anything and everything that you can imagine and they are adding new stores all the time!  From bistro sets to nursery furniture, bedding, and cookware they have so much to offer it's hard to pick what to buy!

The last time I wrote about them was to review the Combi Hero Highchair.  We loved it then and love it even more now!  I am so impressed with the quality of their products, how fast their shipping is and the great customer service.

I'm so excited to host this giveaway!  One lucky reader will get a $60 gift certificate to use in any of the 200+ CSN Stores.

Mandatory Entry:
Publicly follow me and then head over to CSN Stores and tell me one product that you would love to have.

Extra Entries: (only valid after the required entry has been completed)

1. Follow me on Twitter and leave your name. (1)

2. Blog about this giveaway (linking to this post) and leave me FIVE comments with the URL to that post. (5)

3. Tweet about this giveaway and leave the permalink (1) You may use this if you like:

$60 CSN Gift Certificate #Giveaway from @jessiessie Enter here! Ends Friday August 20

(You may also tweet once a day for an extra entry every day)

4. Follow CSN Stores on Twitter (1)

5. "Like" of CSN Stores on Facebook (2)

9. Share about this giveaway on Facebook Share (1)

10. Check out my other blog posts for other entry opportunities hidden around ;)

Please be sure to leave me a *separate* comment for each entry you complete above including with each, your e-mail address so that I can easily and accurately contact the winner!!

This giveaway will end August 20th at 9pm EST and is open to the US and Canada!

*There may be shipping charges or in the case of Canadian readers, international fees, for certain products.*

**The gift certificate for this giveaway was provided at no cost by CSN Stores. No product was received and this was not a paid post. My honest opinions have been given, however others experiences and opinions may differ from my own**

Family - Part 1

I love family.  I'm the youngest of 5 although most of the time it feels like I only have one sister and brother (her husband).  I feel so fortunate that I have one sister who I have such a wonderful relationship with.  Our family is...well, it's kind of like the Brady Bunch with a twist.  Both of my parents were married before and had two children from previous marriages (1 boy and 1 girl each).  When they married each other they adopted me. 

There is a HUGE age gap between me and my siblings.  I'm talking 18 years between me and the next in line.  It makes me kind of sad that when I was growing up only one sister tried to have a "little sister/big sister" relationship with me.  The others were always nice of course but didn't seem to care much about me one way of the other.  I do understand in a way.  I know that the family situation couldn't have been easy for them, but it wasn't my fault.  My parents didn't adopt me to take anything away from their other children.  The other children were adults by the time they adopted me and my adoption came as a bit of a surprise to them too.  It wasn't exactly something they planned to do when they got married, but I'm VERY fortunate that they did adopt me!

I think the reason that I connected so well with that one sister is because she really is a big kid at heart.  She didn't mind doing silly things, watching kid movies, blasting Disney songs in the car and singing along.  It was like having a sister, best friend and second "fun only" mom all at the same time! 

I am so fortunate that I have such a wonderful relationship with her.  I really don't know what I would do without her, especially since mom died.  Now she's the one I call with all of my weird "mom" type questions.  Technically I could be her daughter, she and my (wonderful) brother-in-law were married 2 years before I was born ;)

I honestly don't know why I'm writing any of this.  Maybe just to put it out there.  Maybe because we've been visiting with a lot of family (including them) recently and now I'm sad that the house is empty other than me and David.  Maybe it's just something I needed to talk about.  I know that this post is kind of disjointed but I'm just writing as things pop into my head.  Probably not the best idea, but it's just one of those things that I feel like I need to do today.  Thanks for making it to the end of this crazy post ;)