Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sleepwear Difficulties...

Am I the only person to have this problem??  I can't find decently priced maternity sleepwear anywhere!  It's getting colder at night so I would LOVE to find a long nightgown that's full enough to accommodate a soon-to-be growing belly and cute enough so I don't look like a granny or overstuffed lumpy flannel body pillow.

So far, all I've been able to find are delivery/hospital gowns and short nursing gowns.  Now nursing gowns are great and can be used longer than just a plain old maternity gown, BUT most of them don't look like they're cut full enough to contain a fully pregnant belly without busting at the seams.  I've seen a few pants/shirts, but I'm not really a pj pant/shirt sleeper.  I'm more comfortable in an over-sized t-shirt or plain old nightgown.

I know, I know...why don't I just make my own?  Well, honestly I just don't want to.  I mean I could but I know it wouldn't turn out the way I want it to so I would just have to keep looking anyway so what's the point?

Anyone have any suggestions as to where I could find a cute cold weather appropriate maternity nightgown??  I hope someone can help me out!