Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nine Weeks

I’m nine weeks pregnant and I don’t usually use this word because it’s a very strong word, but I hate this stage of pregnancy. It’s not the morning sickness, the sore boobs or the weird aches and stabbing pains from a growing uterus. It’s the unknown; the fact that right now there’s no way for me to know if the baby is doing ok. It’s been two weeks since my last appointment and there’s a little over two weeks until my next one. This is the stage where you don’t look pregnant, you don’t really feel pregnant (other than the aforementioned symptoms), you probably haven’t gained any weight (although you might feel bloated), you can’t feel the baby moving around, and there’s no way of knowing that everything is still going well. I don’t mean that I’m overly worried or paranoid about the pregnancy; I’m just ready to be able to feel the baby move so I know everything is OK!