Tuesday, September 21, 2010

FuzziBunz Review

I was looking through some old pictures and posts today and realized that I've never posted a review about FuzziBuns OS diapers.  I am a HUGE fan!  These diapers are wonderful!  Now that David can easily rip off diapers with hook & loop closures they are one of my go to diapers and I really do wish I had more!  One of my favorites is the Big Sky color.  It is a beautiful light but vibrant blue.

I'm really not a big fan of a lot of "one size" diapers because they usually have outside snaps and are pretty bulky.  The FuzziBunz has button-adjusted waist and leg casings which make things so much easier.  Adjust them when needed and you don't have to worry about changing or resetting them until your little one grows.  They also come with replacement elastic so if it does happen to wear down (none of ours has yet) you have a backup set to swap out with.

The FuzziBunz have such a trim fit, but they are so absorbent it's really amazing!  The one size also come with an extra insert for naptime or overnight use.  If you haven't tried FuzziBunz yet, go check them out!  You'll love them!

*This was NOT a paid or sponsored post.  I bought the diaper myself and didn't receive any discounts for writing a review.  I just really like these diapers ;)*


FuzziBunz said...

Great review :)

One Southern Girl said...

I haven't seen a FuzziBunz OS.. so I was wondering how you can change the elastic. We have a Charlie Banana OS diaper, but it doesn't look like you can replace the elastic on that diaper.