Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fitted Diaper Suggestions?

I'm pretty sure that there are other cloth diapering mommies out there that read/follow my blog so I'm talking to you ladies specifically. 

I really need some suggestions on fitted diapers.  When our son was little we used BumGenius bamboo fitteds all the time.  I mean ALL the time!  I had a lot of x-small, small and mediums, but hadn't gotten around to buying any large yet.  By the time I realized that they had discontinued them I couldn't find them anywhere.  I was SOO disappointed!  They were super soft and amazingly absorbent!

So now what?  I really would love to find some bamboo fitteds out there that are just as soft and absorbent as the BumGenius. 

Here's what I'm looking for ideally, but if you've found something that you LOVE please let me know!

-  I prefer snaps since David has figured out how to take off his velcro diapers, but with a fitted it's not as much of a big deal, I'll just make sure to put a cover with snaps over it ;)
-  One piece enclosed.  I don't mind if it takes longer to dry, I just don't want to have to put something together or have weird inserts flapping around to get twisted, fall out or get grabbed and thrown around while I'm trying to diaper a squirmy little boy who wants to play.
-  SOFT!  I have a few fitteds that started out great but after a few washes they became stiff and just don't seem comfortable at all anymore.
-  Won't break the bank. I don't want to spend over $15-$17 for a fitted.  Anything higher just seems like it's too much to pay for something less than an AIO or pocket with insert included.

Am I asking too much?  Was BumGenius the ONLY company that made a fitted like that?

Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions you have!!


Top to Bottom Baby said...

What about a pocket fitted?? They will have an insert to add, but nothing flapping around in the wash.

Diana said...

Ok I can't help with snaps but I LOVE my Thirsties fitteds. They run about $13.75 and are so worth it. One of the great parts is that they stretch and last forever. They are so soft, and dry in one session in my dryer. And all one piece.

Here's why I buy them:

Tweet me if you have any questions!

Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 3) said...

I have never tried thirsties fitted, but Nifty Nappy has great fitted
or Kissaluvs has some great fitteds as well!

you can email me at if you have any questions.

Jessie said...

Wow! You ladies are awesome! Thanks so much for the quick responses!!

I didn't even know there was a such thing as a pocket fitted lol That would be great! Any brand suggestions?

Diana, I totally forgot about my Thirsties fitteds, we had some smalls, but when I put them away I forgot about them. I'll definitely get at least a couple of those :-D

Shannon, I have a few Nifty Nappy fitteds and David pulls out the lay in insert before I can get them snapped lol and I just can't justify spending $22 per fitted :-/ He also gets plumber butt in them, unfortunately the rise just isn't long enough for my tall boy (he's only 10 months old too!)