Saturday, April 3, 2010


I love babywearing. I know it's gotten a bad rap recently, but that's not what I consider true babywearing. My baby boy is past the teeny tiny infant stage right now anyway so I generally wear him on my hip in a Slingling and I love it, but I'm ready to branch out and try something new. We also have a front carrier and I just don't like it at all personally. I guess I should give it another shot, but I feel like I can't do anything with it on and I can do whatever I want with the sling. I've tried Moby wraps before and I do like them and would love to have one, but it's an awful lot of fabric to deal with and I don't want to spend $40+ for just a straight piece of fabric ;) I guess I've been spoiled by my fitted sling that I just put over my head and it's ready to go.

What made me start thinking about branching out is the Ellaroo Mei Hip carrier in Mango Mahogany. It's so pretty and looks super comfy. Have any of you tried this type of carrier? I've never seen one like it so I'm really curious about what people think!


Becca said...

I have a mei tai and I L.O.V.E, it! I can wear Asa for a long time without any discomfort, it's so versatile, cute :), Asa seems super comfy, and it's just a wonderful way to wear him. I have a fitted sling also, and it's great, but I prefer my mei tai. :)

Jessie said...

I just found out that a lady at our church sells the mei hip carriers...I wonder if she would bring one sometime and let me try it out. I love the idea of the mei hip carrier, i really want to check it out! :-D

Anna said...

That is the cutest!! I love the color. PS- I *attempted* to put Garrett in that sling I bought at JBF, and he was NOT having it. I think it's a 2-person job! Ah well.