Thursday, January 27, 2011

Steroid shots and baby bedding

Anyone had steroid shots before to help baby's lungs develop?  I'm 28 weeks and had my first round today (well the first shot, shot two will be tomorrow) and my goodness my hip/back hurts!!!  You know more than usual lol

On a happier note, Lily's baby bedding arrived yesterday!!!  It was a Christmas present from her uncle and we LOVE it!!!  The only thing we're missing is the quilt (I want to hang it up for decoration until she's old enough to use it) and the throw pillow. 

Hayley Nursery Bedding Set

All I need to do is make the decorations for her room and swap it out with David's stuff (he's getting a big boy room) and we'll be all set!  I know she won't be in the nursery at first so we do have time, but I'm still getting excited!

BTW, here's a belly shot from 27 weeks