Friday, January 7, 2011

LONG Overdue Review!

I had the opportunity to review another product from CSN Stores and I chose the KidCo Center Gateway Pressure Mount Safety Gate in White and it is exactly what we were looking for! 

Now one reason that this review has taken long than normal is (not only because of the pregnancy complications) but because of some shipping and delivery issues.  This was in NO way CSN's fault!!  When I e-mailed them to let them know that the first gate arrived damaged in an open box and was missing parts they were quick to fix it!  The customer service was absolutely fantastic!  A replacement gate was on the way before I knew it!  This just confirms for me what a wonderful company they really are!

The gate itself is fantastic.  The quality is great and it makes life SO much easier!  We use the stairs all the time so our old gate (which was about 20 years old and falling apart) just wasn't cutting it.  This gate pressure mounts to the wall and spindles (with an additional spindle gate mount pack) and is super secure!  The best part is that all we have to do is open the door and walk through to go upstairs.  No removing the gate or trying to step over it anymore.

I do want to apologize to CSN Stores for taking so long to complete this review and once again thank them for excellent customer service! 

**Disclaimer - I received a promo code for a portion of the cost of the product, but this was not a paid post. My honest opinions have been given, however others experiences and opinions may differ from my own**