Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Nutella Party!

I was so excited when I was chosen to host a MommyParty for Nutella.  When the kit came I was SUPER impressed!  There were so many great things including a HUGE container of Nutella for everyone to try, lots of great recipes, samples for everyone, special spreaders, coupons, and great travel mugs!

A lot of the ladies had already tried Nutella and some were HUGE fans, but others had never even heard of it.  I think this was a great way to spread the word about Nutella how many different ways you can use it.  Most people had never thought about it for breakfast, but after seeing all of the great recipes they realized what a good idea it was!  Everyone knows how important it is to have breakfast, but sometimes it's hard to find something that is quick and easy AND tastes good.  How much easier can spreading a little Nutella on a whole wheat english muffin or toast and pouring a glass of milk be?

I'm really disappointed that I forgot my camera, because I would have loved to at least get a picture of everyone posing with their travel mugs and spreaders ;)  Oh well, that's what pregnancy brain does to me!

I hope all the other hostesses and party attenders had as much fun as we did!