Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hevea Star & Moon Orthodontic Pacifier Review

My son loves his pacifiers.  Right now he just uses them at night and naptime and we only use natural rubber orthodontic pacis which are kind of hard to come by.  When I saw that Hevea was coming out with these new pacis I was thrilled!!  If you know what normal natural rubber pacis look like they are kind of big, round and clunky.  They always touch my son's nose and can sometimes leave a funny little red mark.  The Hevea pacifiers are different.  They have a contoured shape that dips below the nose so no more funny little red mark!

I love the little cutouts on the pacifiers too!  They have quite a few different options.  We received the Star & Moon version, but they also have cars, crowns and flowers.  All of them are adorable!  We will definitely have to get our little girl a few with flowers!

Here's the description from the company:

This 100% natural rubber pacifier has a great star and moon design that is perfect for both boys and girls. The pacifier comes in a stylish brown and beige wrapping. Nipple shape is orthodontic.

The ONLY thing I would change about these is the availability in larger stores, but I'm sure that will come as their popularity increases!  We go through pacis very quickly and really need the convenience of being able to just run to the store and pick another one up, and I know that will double as soon as the new baby arrives!

If you are looking for a natural alternative to a standard paci I would definitely suggest checking these out! 

You can learn more about them on their website:

or Facebook page:

**Disclaimer - I received this product free of charge, but this was not a paid post. My honest opinions have been given, however others experiences and opinions may differ from my own**


Shannon Reed said...

What a pretty blog! My son won't take any other brands- only the hevea pacifiers=)