Friday, October 29, 2010

BumGenius 4.0 Artist Series - Review

OK so the new Artist Series from BumGenius seems to be a love it or hate it line.  Personally I LOVE them!  I'm a huge fan of geometric and abstract patterns and I really don't like typical "baby" patterns on diapers.  Weird huh?  So when these came out I was thrilled!

I ordered the JetSetter for David before reading the color description because it looks like light blue on dark blue, but the website says it's purple and blue.  I was a little worried after the color description was posted, but I'm not seeing the purple even in person.  Honestly, I think it could easily work for a boy or girl.  When I got a shipping notification almost a MONTH before I expected it, I was shocked and sooo excited!  When it arrived I was not disappointed!  It is even cuter in person than it is online!

It arrived well packaged with minimal waste, which I think is very important considering one reason a lot of people cloth diaper is to reduce waste.  I'm always shocked at diapers that arrive sealed in individual thick plastic baggies or large heavy cardboard boxes.  What's the point??  This packaging is perfect.  It gives all the information needed on a simple fold over thin cardstock wrapper.

 The fit, like all of his bumGenius diapers, was of course perfect.  I was really happy because I had never bought a one-size diaper from bumGenius.  We have quite a few of the sized AIO's because they are the Hubby's and the grandparents' favorite ;)  David even seemed to like the diaper.  Before I put it on him, he sat holding it and tracing the pattern like it was a maze.

Overall, this is one of my new favorite pocket diapers!  I can't wait to see what the other Artist Series will look like in the future!  I might just have to go through and sell some of my least favorite diapers to make room for some more of these!

**Disclaimer - No product was received and this was not a paid post. I just really like this diaper! My honest opinions have been given, however others experiences and opinions may differ from my own**