Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Anyone with experience in canning food have any suggestions on how to get started?  I'm pretty sure we're about to have a TON of ripe tomatoes soon so I want to make tomato sauce and can it for fall/winter but I have never canned anything on my own and haven't helped anyone since I was little.  I vaguely remember helping my grandmother put up snap beans.

I'd also love to make some blackberry jam since our backyard is full of them.

Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated!!!


Anna said...

Need a mural on your wall? I'm your girl. Canning? Can't help ya. lol

Jessie said...

HA! Well, if we ever need to turn the guest bedroom into a nursery a mural could be LOTS of fun!! I'll let you know ;)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, tripe degree heat and clomid isn't the best combination but it's what you have to do so dress light and crank up that AC. I'm rooting for you lovely lady!

simplymerry said...

get the Ball Blue Book at your public library (or buy a copy if you're going to stay canning). It's been too long since I've canned, so I can't give much personal advice. Except that water baths are a lot easier than pressure cooking. But with a reliable pressure cooker, it won't be scary after the first few times. :P

Sharon said...

You asked! So I thought I'd toss my site in here.


I have a canning course that would get you started.

Hope this helps.

Natalie Jane said...

Hum....I think you should just invite a nice local lady over to pick blackberries one day. Just so you won't have so many to deal with..... :)