Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mema and the prunes

My grandmother is amazing.  That's really all there is to it.  She's over 90 years old, lives on her own, cooks ALL the time, drives, does all of her own shopping, never forgets a birthday and loves her family unconditionally.  She's also kind of crazy.  Not bad crazy just fun little old lady crazy.  I guess it's not so much crazy as it is that she just has no filter.  I guess when you're her age you earn the right to say what you think and you just don't care what anyone else thinks.  I have stories and maybe someday I'll post them, but most of them use language that I don't feel comfortable using.  (Not so much bad words, but more just foul/crude language lol)

Anyway!  David and I went up yesterday to visit her for the day.  We had a great time!  We went to lunch with her friend Dean, had the usual fight over who was going to pay (I won only because I paid the server cash when Mema was arguing with Dean about who was going to pay ;)), then I ran some errands and headed back to her house to visit some more.

Now, if any of you know anyone over the age of 80, you know that not pooping is in their top 10 list of concerns, and Mema, being over 90 is VERY concerned about such matters (as are David's other great-grandparents).  So of course, she had to inquire about David', schedule.  So I told her that normally he's a once a day pooper, but he actually hadn't gone since Sunday.

*GASP*  Well, that is unacceptable!  She brought out the prunes.  He ate two at dinner and she was very pleased that he liked them.  He's had them before at his other great-grandparents house, but honestly, I never buy them.  When Mema found out that we didn't have any at home she sent us home with a small bucket full.  Not a small baggie or cup.  A small bucket.  I told her we didn't need to take all of her prunes and I can easily stop at the store and pick some up.  But she insisted and said she has plenty because she buys them at Sam's.  I didn't even know Sam's carried prunes but then again I've never considered buying them in bulk before.

Mema never lets you leave her house empty handed, but this is the first time I've left with a bucket of prunes.  If anyone is in the area feel free to stop on by and have a prune or two.  We have plenty.

UPDATE:  Mema was please to find out that as of 10am David had taken care of his problem...twice. ;)


Anna said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I think I'll pass on that one.